Pain Management Center

Dr. Aziz is the only Board Certified Pain Management Specialist in the Delta, which means ours is the Only Pain Management Center with a staff that is formally trained in the management of pain. Staff also includes a certified Nurse Practitioner.

The Pain Management Center specializes in the treatment of pain associated with: Cancer, herniated discs, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes-related pain, Degenerative Disc Disease, headaches, chronic back pain, painful joints, pain as a result of injury and osteoporosis.

Pain is treated not only through medication, but also through epidurals and nerve blocks (injections of steroids and anesthetics into painful joints), as well as physical therapy. They utilize services such as Radiology for MRI’s and our State of the Art Rehab facility.

The Pain Management Center is located at 1403 Strong Avenue, Greenwood. Call 662-459-2676.

The Center is growing very fast – come see us today!