Magnolia Medical Clinic

Primary Care and Ryan White Program

Treating more than 200 PLWA (person living with HIV/AIDS) each year, the Magnolia Medical clinic’s staff is experienced in the challenges of managing all stages of HIV disease and are constantly updating their skills in this rapidly changing field of medicine.

Dee Jones, at Magnolia Medical Clinic, obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Delta State University, followed by a Master of Science in Nursing from Mississippi University for Women. Jones is board-certified by the ANCC; her knowledge and experience make her a leader in primary care and Ryan White patients.

Services Provided:

  • Free & Confidential HIV Testing
  • Medical Evaluation
  • Follow-up Care
  • Medical Care Management
  • Drug Therapy
  • Mental Health Services
  • Immunizations
  • Laboratory Services
  • Medication Assistance
  • Nutritional Assessment & Guidance
  • Outreach & Education
  • Oral Healthcare
  • Ophthalmology Services
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Financial Assistance
  • Housing Assistance

HIV/AIDS Therapy:

In the three decades since Human Immunodeficiency Virus was first identified, its role in the AIDS epidemic has taken a huge toll on society. Fortunately, intensive research into the cause and treatment of HIV and AIDs has led to the development of drugs which can control the severity and decrease the risk of transmission of HIV. There is no cure yet for HIV, but with proper medical management, these patients can often live a long and reasonably healthy life.

Greenwood Leflore Hospital’s Magnolia Medical Clinic oversees the diagnosis, treatment and management of the region’s HIV-Positive patients. This group is known as “PLWA” or “Persons Living with HIV/AIDS.” More than 200 patients are followed in the clinic each year, and the staff is trained in the challenges of this very special group of clients. Dee Jones, a Family Nurse Practitioner with degrees from Delta State University and Mississippi University for Women, oversees the Magnolia Medical Clinic’s primary care and Ryan White programs. This office offers free and confidential HIV screening, performs medical evaluations to determine the severity of the disease and then plans and implements a regimen of therapy. In addition, referrals are available both within the GLH clinic network and to other specialists for complications affecting various organ systems.

Magnolia Medical Clinic is involved in the three primary stages of HIV therapy:

  • 1.Diagnosis: There are more than 1.1 million Americans living with HIV/AIDS today. Mississippi is ranked #7 among the states in the percentage of the population with HIV-Positive status (20.7 per 100,000 persons). In 2012, 547 new cases were confirmed in Mississippi, and it is estimated that 15% of infected people have no idea that they are carrying the virus. Magnolia Medical Clinic can provide confidential, free blood testing and discuss the results in a private, caring manner.
  • 2.Initial work-up: Once a diagnosis of HIV has been made, the staff at Magnolia Medical Clinic will do a complete physical exam and order certain blood tests to determine the severity of the HIV infection. Greenwood Leflore Hospital’s lab and diagnostic centers are equipped to handle this type of work-up for accurate and timely results.
  • 3.Treatment: Currently, there are newer medications such as antiretrovirals (ARTs) that have allowed persons living with HIV/AIDS to experience optimal wellness with only minimal side effects. Dee Jones and her staff will work with infectious disease specialists to formulate the correct dosage of these drugs for each individual and monitor for complications or decreased sensitivity. Daily compliance is absolutely essential for proper treatment of HIV, and the Magnolia Medical staff is dedicated to motivating and encouraging their patients to stick with these life-saving medications.