Greenwood Children’s Clinic Closing Early at 4 p.m. on Thursday, September 22 – Will Reopen Friday, September 23

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Magnolia Medical Clinic is permanently closing

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Sometimes life can take an unexpected turn. That blood pressure problem that’s been nagging you can escalate into a stroke, leaving you with weakness in an arm or leg or difficulty with speech. Poorly controlled diabetes may damage the small blood vessels in your feet and present your doctor with no choice except an amputation. Neurologic diseases slowly rob you of your balance and fine motor skills and you find yourself struggling with such simple daily activities as walking to the mailbox or buttoning your shirt. Orthopedic injuries or joint replacement require rehabilitation to strengthen weakened muscles or training with prosthetic devices. And a heart attack or chronic pulmonary disease can lead to a limited lifestyle robbed of its quality.

Greenwood Leflore Hospital can handle all of those acute events, whether its a stroke, a broken hip or a heart attack. But once the initial disease is under control, you may be faced with challenges that you never anticipated. The role of Leflore Rehab is to assess your needs and develop a treatment plan that will bring you back to a full and productive life as quickly as possible.

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