Revised Clinic Office Hours During COVID-19 (updated 5/14/20)

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Memorial Day Schedule for Clinics

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Front Desk: 662-459-7000  

Whether your gallbladder is cramping your style or your varicose veins are weighing you down, Greenwood Leflore Hospital’s team of General Surgeons can diagnose and treat your symptoms in a timely and professional manner.

Their expertise ranges from hernia repairs, appendectomies and gallbladder removal to breast surgery and reconstruction. Wound care, pacemaker insertion and vascular procedures are just a few of the specialties which Greenwood Leflore Hospital’s board-certified surgeons offer to their patients. If your family physician recommends evaluation by a General Surgeon, you can be assured that Dr. Alain Domkam, Dr. Raymond Girnys and Dr. John Lucas III will use the latest in technology and surgical methods to diagnose and correct the problem.

A General Surgeon specializes in operative treatment of pathology involving multiple body systems, including vascular, gastrointestinal, breast, cardiac, pulmonary, endocrine, skin disorders and wound care. General Surgeons often specialize in certain areas of the body or certain types of procedures.


Wound Care