Your Neighbor: Dorris Logan – Nurse loves to help others

Ruthie Robinson, Managing Editor, Greenwood Commonwealth

Dorris Logan says she became a nurse because she enjoys helping people.

“I love nursing and my interactions with the people,” she said. “I like doing it where they can get well and go home.”

Logan, 69, has worked as a nurse at Greenwood Leflore Hospital since 1983.

She retired from nursing in February 2013. “I think I was retired for maybe two weeks,” Logan said.

Then, Greenwood Leflore Hospital’s Human Resources Department asked if she would be interested in being one of the hospital’s health fair nurses.

She was immediately inter­ested, because Logan said she didn’t retire because she didn’t want to be a nurse anymore. She was still very passionate about nursing.

“I had gotten older, and with the pace of it all, I was just going to step back and let the younger generation do that,” Logan said.

The opportunity, however, was “a blessing,” she said.

“I loved nursing, and I real­ly really love what I do now,” Logan said.

Logan, who resides in Greenwood, grew up in Philipp. She attended Riverview Elementary School in Philipp and graduated from West District High School in Sumner. Logan received her degree in nursing from Missis­sippi Delta Community Col­lege in Moorhead.

Before choosing nursing as her career, Logan said she had to narrow down her options.

“I didn’t want to be a teacher, and I always liked the public,” she said. “I liked deal­ing with people and thought, ‘What can I do to give back to the community?’ So I decided to go into nursing, because I liked helping people.”

When Logan began her career at Greenwood Leflore Hospital, she said she enjoyed the work

“I liked it at first, but. then it became a passion to me to be a nurse,” she said.

As a health fair nurse, Logan keeps a busy schedule, especially during the school year. She also serves as an infection control nurse for new employee orientation.

Logan receives her health fair assignments from Chris­tine Hemphill, the hospital’s director of Foundation, Mar­keting and Communications. Health fair assignments are based on requests and a nurse’s availability. Logan attends health fairs at schools, churches, different communi­ty organizations and business­es. The hospital also hosts health fairs.

Logan’s health fair equip­ment is provided by the hospi­tal, and she usually performs blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose screenings, all free of charge.

Most of the health fairs are in the Greenwood and Leflore County area.

“A lot of people, especially when I go into the rural areas, if something is abnormal and I ask them about it, I either hear them say they haven’t been to the doctor or ‘It’s been a while since I’ve been to the doctor,’ ” Logan said.

She’ll make suggestions, such as recommending that someone make an appoint­ment with a physician, but she said the most important part of the health fair is mak­ing people aware of their num­bers.

“When I do those screen­ings, some people act like they are not even aware that they have high blood pressure,” she said. “In the rural areas, there’s a lot of high blood pres­sure out there and a lot of dia­betes.”

Because she’s attended many health fairs, Logan has become well-known.

“When people see me com­ing, they recognize me now,” she said.

Logan said some will say, `There’s my nurse,” as if she is their personal nurse.

“Even in Walmart, I’ll hear, ‘There’s my nurse,’ ” she said.

Logan was married to the now-deceased William Logan for 36 years. They had three children; one has passed away. Logan is the grandmother of four.

A longtime member of Traveler’s Rest Missionary Baptist Church, Logan is involved in Sunday school. She also is a member of the Mother Board and serves as a deaconess.

“All of my children were baptized there in the church, and William and I were mar­ried in that church,” she said.

Outside work, Logan enjoys cooking.  “My mom was an excellent cook, and everybody says I took that skill from her,” she said.

Logan also sells homemade cakes, including caramel, Ger­man chocolate, chocolate, red velvet, coconut, cream cheese and pound cakes, and her cakes are always a hit at the hospital’s bake sale.

“I would say I’ve been bak­ing cakes for 30 years, about as long as I’ve been nursing,” Logan said. “During the holi­days, I’m really busy.”

Logan said throughout her 30-plus years as a nurse she had a few part-time jobs here and there, but “I kept my foundation here” at Green­wood Leflore Hospital.

“Greenwood Leflore has been good to me, and I guess I was good to Greenwood Leflore for them to even consider me,” Logan said about being hired as the health fair nurse after her retirement. “They could have gotten anybody. They did not have to choose me to do that, and I am thankful that they did.”

Logan said being a nurse is not for everyone.

“So many different situa­tions come up that you didn’t study in school that you have to make quick and right deci­sions about,” she said. “You have to have the book knowledge, but you also have to have a deep passion for it.”