Students take part in diabetes fair

The Bolivar Commercial

The Education Department of the Greenwood Leflore Hospital recently sponsored the annual Diabetes Health Awareness Fair, which included participants from the community and hospital. The event was in recognition of Diabetes Awareness Month.

Dr. Ann Brown, a faculty member with the Division of Social Sciences and History at Delta State, invited her students to attend and participate.

Two students took park, including seniors Derrick Hughes and Destiny Keys. Hughes also presented at the event.

Annette Irving, director of education at the hospital, was thrilled to have student participation.

“The Diabetes Awareness Health fair was a great success,” said Irving. “Special thanks to Delta State students for their assistance.”

Brown was also appreciative of the student contributions.

“I was elated that this student project was one that could be parleyed to a wider dissemination than just class,” said Brown. “This also reached the citizens of the Delta.”

Brown, whose career focuses on heart disease, stroke and diabetes, said the first step is awareness.

“My job is to enlighten, encourage and make people aware about things that can be prevented,” she said. “Diabetes is a very important topic in the Delta.”

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