Pediatrician answering her call

By CHARLES CORDER Managing Editor

Dr. Claudine Stevens says that working with children has been her life’s work.

“I guess it’s been my calling,” said Stevens, 49, a pediatrician who works at the Greenwood Children Clinic. “… that’s part of my faith.”

Stevens also is children’s pastor at North Park Church of God of Prophecy. Her husband, Commonwealth Sports Writer Calvin Stevens, is the church’s youth pastor.

Claudine Stevens said she takes every Wednesday afternoon off from work to prepare for the activities she and her husband lead at the church that night. They bring children to the church by bus, feed them, have music and teach classes.

“I’ve always worked with children, even before I knew I was going to be a doctor,”Stevens said.

Stevens grew up in Holcomb, a Grenada County community approximately 20 miles north of Greenwood. She became children’s pastor at her church there at age 17. She graduated from Grenada High School and then from Delta State University in 1987.

“I didn’t initially plan to be a doctor,” she said, “but I decided I would take the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test).”

Stevens said becoming a physician was “spirit directed.”

“I really do feel like I was led by the Lord,” she said. “I was led to take the exam and decided if I did well enough to get in, I would go.”

She passed the test and started medical school at the University of Mississippi Medical School in 1987.

Stevens said that while she was doing her residency, she was approached by Greenwood Leflore Hospital physicians about coming here. She started work in Greenwood in 1994.

Stevens said she and Calvin both went to Kamp Kumbaya church camp in Eupora every summer starting when they were children. They later worked on the camp’s staff. But she said they weren’t friends at that time.

“I knew his name, but that was about it,” Claudine said.

That changed when they started dating while she was in medical school. They married in 1989.

The couple has two children: Tyler, 22, a senior at Delta State, and Aubrey, 17, a senior at Pillow Academy.

Stevens admits that her schedule as pediatrician, children’s pastor, wife and mother can be hectic, but she manages.

“Put God first, family second and everything will fall into place,” she said.

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