Leflore Rehab provides fabulous treatment

I want your readers to be aware of a fabulous program at which I recently spent a week: Leflore Rehabilitation at Greenwood Leflore Hospital.

Dr. Cynthia Willingham, medical director of Leflore Rehab, is an awesome doctor with a fabulous bedside manner. She acted as if I were her only patient as she stood in my window smiling and answered every question, even admitting if she needed to research something first, a rare quality in a doctor. Dr. Charles Nause, the assistant medical director of Leflore Rehab, also visited me and was as kind as one could be.

The occupational therapy and physical therapy are excellent. Upon my arrival, I could not even read my own handwriting, but after a week, dear Maggie Gilliland had me writing and feeling strengthened in all of my fine motor muscles. She is so phenomenal, as are the physical therapists with whom I worked.

When I arrived, I had to use a walker, but with John Berry’s help, I began to walk alone, a fervent goal of mine. Yuri Diaz had me stand on my tiptoes, which was so empowering and triggered memories from childhood ballet classes. Tony Ryan, a physical therapy assistant, gave wonderful pep talks on quitting smoking. He and Kim Shackleford were excellent.

Although exhausted, I never had a sore muscle from therapy. Physical therapy and occupational therapy are required for everyone in this program three hours daily.

I do not remember all the names, but everyone with whom I had any contact was extremely polite, always ready to listen and entered with a smile and term of endearment.

The food on the regular diet was superb. I waited eagerly for each meal to the point that food services came in laughing.

There are many angels there at Leflore Rehab. The program under the leadership of Dr. Willingham is awesome. Thank God I was able to participate.

Dena F. Adams


Letter to the Editor, Sunday, September 1, 2013