Interim CEO pleased with GLH progress

Gerard Edic, Staff Writer, Greenwood Commonwealth

Greenwood Leflore Hospi­tal’s interim CEO, Subho Basu, told the Greenwood City Council on Tuesday that he is proud of the progress made at his place of work.

He was joined at the meet­ing by other administrators, including Dawne Holmes, chief financial officer, and Glo­ria Boyd, chief nursing officer. They spoke about reductions in emergency room wait times, among other improve­ments.

“I am fortunate to have been working in this hospital,” said Basu, who was cho­sen as interim CEO of the hospital in October.

Ward 5’s Andrew Pow­ell praised the leadership of the hospital and told Basu, “We need you.”

Ward 1’s Johnny Jennings spoke to high school students present at the council meeting as part of the Greenwood-Leflore County Chamber of Commerce’s Youth Leader­ship Program.

“There’s some great jobs right here in Greenwood, Mis­sissippi,” he said, referring to the hospital.

Jennings said they wouldn’t need to travel “halfway across the country” to be paid well.

Basu was pleased by the enthusiasm from the council and said the hospital’s employees deserve the com­pliments the most.