Hospital employees huge help to bike ride

Editor, Commonwealth

The Sunday editorial on Bikes, Blues & Bayous (“Biggest and best”) was right on.  It did take a whole lot of people to pull it off.  In fact, I’m quite certain there were more than 200 local volunteers.

So, it would be futile to try to recognize and thank each of them in the space of this letter.  However, in addition to the Greenwood-Leflore County Chamber of Commerce and the local cyclists (aka Money Road Cycling Club) mentioned in the editorial, there was a third group that played a critical role in planning and staging the ride.

That would be Greenwood Leflore Hospital, and specifically Allison Faulkner, Christine Hemphill and the 50-plus volunteers they recruited from the hospital’s ranks.  For the last two years in particular, they have played a key role in making our finish area and registration run smoothly.  And this year, Allison was one of the leaders who staged the two-mile kids’ ride, the Tour de Grand, which was a successful addition to our event in its inaugural year.

So, I want to make doubly sure that Allison and Christine are properly recognized.  I’m personally very honored to be working alongside both of them and look forward to the day we have 1,000 cyclists in Greenwood.

Richard Beattie

Money Road Cycling Club