HIV program leader community asset

Editor, Commonwealth

In her field, she is the best. I’m taling about Kawanis Collins. She is the Ryan White Program coordinator at Greenwood Leflore Hospital.

She has made a difference in many people’s lives by providing help to those are HIV positive. Some her patients have told me about how she provided care to them after diagnosed as HIV positive. With medication and the right diet, people with HIV can live a long and productive life.

Ms. Collins also said that there are more people in Greenwood and the surrounding area who need to be tested for HIV. To slow down the rate of people getting infected, they need to get tested, not only to protect others but to protect themselves.

Ms. Collins is a very nice person who is always smiling. She makes you fell good her. Greenwood Leflore Hospital, you have once again hired the best person for the job.

She told me that June is National HIV Testing Month. Ms. Collins would like the people who think they might be at risk to come the hospital to see her and to get tested. The test is free.

This community is blessed to have Ms. Collins.

Carl Winters