Greenwood lucky to have quality ER

Editor, Greenwood Commonwealth

Our son was diagnosed with leukemia in December of last year and has been a patient at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis ever since. His diagnosis requires close monitoring of his temperature, as even a small fever is considered an emergency because it could be an indication of a greater underlying problem. When this happens, we have been instructed to immediately take him to the local emergency room so that he can get medicine within the hour. If it takes longer than that, he could be at risk of becoming septic.

We have been lucky to avoid this situation up until earlier this month when we had to go on back-to-back nights. This situation was one my wife and I have long prayed to avoid. However, we were treated with outstanding, caring service by the entire staff of attendants, nurses, and doctors at Greenwood Leflore Hospital’s emergency room. Everyone really bent over backward to help our son while communicating with St. Jude the entire time.

I think we are quick to unfairly criticize our local ER and hospital sometimes. I have probably been guilty of this myself. But Greenwood really is lucky to have the quality of care we probably too often take for granted.

The entire town has really put its arms around our son since his diagnosis, and now the hospital has been no different. A big thank you to the ER staff at GLH from the Calhoun family. We really appreciate you.
Taylor Calhoun