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Greenwood Leflore Hospital Participating in Debt Setoff Program


In 2023, the Mississippi Legislature passed new legislation allowing community hospitals to offset an individual’s delinquent debts against future Mississippi income tax refunds. Under the amended Local Government Debt Collection Setoff Act, community hospitals, such as Greenwood Leflore Hospital, will work with the Mississippi Department of Revenue to submit the debts owed by individuals for collection.

October 23-30, 2023, Greenwood Leflore Hospital (GLH) mailed out written notices to debtors informing them of the setoff process and options for response. The letters were sent to individuals/guarantors with debts of at least $50 and for which no payments have been received after a 120-day collection process. GLH encouraged letter recipients to contact the Hospital’s Business Office to pay the debt in full within 30 days of the date of the letter.

If the debt remained unpaid after 30 days, the owed balance was submitted to the Mississippi Department of Revenue to be collected against their next state income tax refund. A state-mandated collection assistance fee of 25% was added to the debt and will be collected by the State of Mississippi if it is submitted for setoff. Unpaid balances can be resubmitted each year against future tax refunds until fully paid through the setoff program.

GLH allowed individuals to appeal the setoff if the debt is believed to be incorrect or invalid. A written request must have been submitted for a hearing within 30 days of the notification date. Individuals who completed payment will avoid collection through their MS income tax refund, as well as the mandatory collection fee. For more information, please call 662-459-1158.

Sample Debt Setoff Letter: