GLH first in Mississippi to offer advanced radiation treatment for cancer


Greenwood, Mississippi – Greenwood Leflore Hospital has purchased and installed a new cancer radiation treatment, an advanced linear accelerator called Elekta Infinity ™.

The Cancer Center at Greenwood Leflore Hospital is the first medical practice in Mississippi to offer this state-of-the-art treatment option.

“This system is something the people in the Delta deserve,” says Roderick Givens, MD, radiation oncologist at The Cancer Center at Greenwood Leflore Hospital. “We are proud to be able to offer it to our patients and to those who are facing certain cancers.”

The linear accelerator offers several benefits in treating cancer, including faster treatment times, imaging capabilities and greater precision.

The treatment time for a linear accelerator is significantly less than that of helical radiation, and more than half the time of conventional radiation. The accuracy of the machine means less overall radiation for patients.

Givens calls it one of the most advanced technological units for treating cancer at this time.

Imaging capabilities in the system allow medical teams to digitally see the tumor while it is being treated. This can help doctors determine the effectiveness of the radiation and to study changes in the affected area.