Grandmother’s care excellent at hospital

Stephanie McShan Ouzts, Greensboro, North Carolina

Editor, Commonwealth:

On July 12, my grandmoth­er, Germaine “Maine” Arnold, collapsed while walking to her room at Indywood Glen. I had to call an ambulance to take her to Greenwood Leflore Hospital. I had been visit­ing her for a couple of days at her request.

Dr. Richard Mills diag­nosed, planned and imple­mented her care efficiently and effectively. Our nurse, Krystal Robinson, was amaz­ing. She commanded respect from her interns and directed them effectively throughout the process.

They discovered Maine’s hemoglobin had dropped to a very low level of 6.8 (a sharp decline from 8.6 level she had on July 1). Our wait time in the emergency room was short, and the care she received was top-notch. Maine was admitted for a transfusion and additional care.

Her outstanding care once admitted continued.  Although I don’t want to leave anyone out, there are several people who provided out­standing care, such as Dr. Charles Nause, who filled in for her primary doctor, and LaMysha Thompson, her nurse who provided much care and compassion. When Maine was concerned about her medicine looking different than normal, LaMysha patiently worked with her until she was comfortable. Also to be commended are Fay Glover, the sweet lady who cleaned Maine’s hospital room, and Diane Erving, who served us in the cafeteria with many smiles and a prayer. The staff was outstanding.

Typically I wouldn’t write to the paper about any experi­ence. However, during Maine’s stay at Greenwood Leflore Hospital, I took a brief break and went to my family’s home (Grace and James Howard McShan’s) for a breather, support and a good night’s sleep. A stranger to me was there, Harris Powers, Jr.  Exhausted, I shared with family and Harris about the wonderful care we were receiving. (I didn’t know at the time he was the board chairman at Greenwood Leflore Hospital.) He listened as I shared about the wonder­ful staff. After I finished, he politely asked me to write the hospital. I thought, Why not tell the whole town?

So many times when ser­vice is poor; we tell as many people as we can. And when it’s good, we tell only one or two. Today I want to do the opposite by sharing our out­standing experience. Especially how pleased we were with the care and compassion received.

Having been gone from the Delta for a while, you forget how amazing the people in the Delta can be. Many thanks to both Greenwood Leflore Hospital and Indy-wood for the outstanding care you give our seniors … especially mine.