Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Schedule for the Greenwood Leflore Hospital Clinic Network and the COVID Testing & Vaccination Clinic

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COVID-19 Clinic Updated Schedule – Revised 1-5-22

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Front Desk: 662-459-7000  


by GLH Staff

According to the MSDH, as of 3 p.m. on Monday, January 24, 2022 the total number of reported COVID-19 cases for Leflore County since March 11, 2020 is currently 6891.  This includes those in long-term care facilities.  The number of Leflore County deaths as a result of COVID-19 is currently 145.  For more information, please visit


If you tested positive with mild symptoms, you need to self-isolate. Please consider this before going to the ER.


If you have mild symptoms and have not been tested, the CDC guidelines recommend you self-isolate. You do not need to seek care at the ER.  Contact your primary care provider.


Patients who do not have a primary care provider and have concerns about COVID-19 can call 662-385-4764.


Other COVID-19 announcements:

COVID-19 Revised Clinic Office Hours 11-1-21

GLH visitor guidelines 12-13-21  

PLEASE NOTE:  With the increase in statewide COVID cases and how quickly we may need to respond to changes in these policies, visitor guidelines may be subject to change without notice.

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Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19

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