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Individual annual gifts of $100 or more

Pillars of Health is a group of individuals interested in Greenwood Leflore Hospital and in continuing the provision of quality healthcare services. Members contribute $100 or more annually to the Greenwood Leflore Hospital Foundation. These funds are directed by the Greenwood Leflore Hospital Foundation Board to support projects and programs in the effort to enhance healthcare in our community. This is your invitation to join Pillars of Health.

Answering a Special Need

It is the mission of Greenwood Leflore Hospital to provide high quality, state-of-the-art, cost effective healthcare services in partnership with its medical staff to the residents of Leflore County and North Central Mississippi. The hospital is committed to improving the health status of area residents by providing educational, preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic healthcare services.

Since fundraising began in 2006, donations to this giving club have enabled Greenwood Leflore Hospital to better meet the needs of patients by providing the following pieces of state-of-the-art equipment:

  • To most effectively treat jaundice in newborns, the hospital was able to purchase two Bili-Bassinets to provide phototherapy treatment and one Bili-Meter to accurately measure the dose of phototherapy to determine the effectiveness of treatment.
  • To help cardiac and pulmonary rehab patients return to and maintain the best possible physical and emotional condition, the hospital was able to purchase monitoring equipment that enables therapists to spend more time with patients because they are not having to manually write reports.
  • To most effectively treat infants who have sleep apnea, the hospital was able to purchase two monitors that not only monitor events of apnea, but also record the events, which allows our pediatricians to predict what will happen next and know how to treat these babies more effectively.
  • To make the birthing experience as comfortable as possible, the hospital was able to replace the surgical table used during c-section deliveries in the Labor and Delivery unit with an electronic table that better accommodates the needs of women of all shapes and sizes.
  • To enable physical and occupational rehab patients to return to and maintain the best possible physical and emotional condition, the hospital was able to replace equipment with three therapy systems that are more technologically advanced. Waveforms target specific areas of the body and provide customized forms of energy transfer that address specific therapy needs. Biofeedback monitors the patient’s condition and reports back results in real time, enabling him to gain control of his muscles. Laser light therapy directs energy to the body’s injured cells to repair tissue, promoting natural healing and pain relief.
  • To make patients more comfortable, the hospital was able to replace the regular stretcher in one of the rooms used for gynecological testing with one that is specifically designed and equipped for the purpose of conducting gynecological ultrasounds.
  • To make patients who are unable to walk more comfortable, the hospital was able to purchase an electric powered ceiling lift system for the Radiology Department. With this new equipment, patients can be easily and more comfortably transferred to the testing table and then back into their wheelchair or hospital bed after testing has been completed.
  • To ensure the Wound Care Department is as sterile as possible, the hospital was able to purchase a portable area sanitizer used to clean unoccupied treatment rooms in between patients. The lamps of the sanitizer generate high levels of ultraviolet radiation lethal to bacteria, molds, viruses, and fungi.
  • To ensure the utmost comfort for newborns, the hospital was able to replace a radiant warmer in Labor and Delivery. A newborn can lose a tremendous amount of body heat during birth and the first few hours of life. Radiant warmers help prevent this loss with overhead electrical heating elements that emit infrared rays, which are usually focused downward to the small area where the newborn is placed. The overhead unit provides a warm environment while allowing for direct observation and free access to the newborn. The new warmer provides a warm and content feeling in a quiet and soothing environment.
  • To prevent a secondary injury to a patient who has experienced trauma to the head, the hospital was able to provide the ICU with two state-of-the-art intracranial pressure monitors. These monitors tell doctors and nurses the pressure level in the brain and how much swelling the brain has sustained. These monitors can also drain cerebrospinal fluid to relieve some of the pressure. Intracranial pressure that is too high can be detected by the monitor before further damage to the brain occurs.
  • To treat patients in respiratory distress, the hospital was able to provide Cardiopulmonary with two new state-of-the-art BiPap machines. This equipment is used to deliver airway pressure into the lungs to ease shortness of breath, improve oxygen levels in the body, and help reduce carbon dioxide levels. This form of treatment is considered noninvasive since it does not require the insertion of a breathing tube. Instead the patient wears a mask, which is connected with tubing to a BiPap ventilator. BiPap treatment often prevents the need for a breathing tube and full support from a respirator.
  • To check for problems with the electrical activity of the heart, the hospital was able to provide Cardiopulmonary with a new state-of-the-art EKG machine. An EKG test looks for abnormal rhythms, such as tachycardia, which is fast heart rate, and bradycardia, which is slow heart rate, and is also used to monitor the effects of heart medication. Patients undergo an EKG when it is suspected they have had a heart attack. As part of the pre-op process, patients often have an EKG prior to certain surgeries. This new state-of-the-art EKG machine will more extensively capture abnormal heart rhythm and will be used as a backup for the hospital’s stress test machine.
  • To provide an alternative to a stay in our Sleep Disorders Center, the hospital was able to purchase home sleep study equipment to loan to our patients who are candidates for this lower cost sleep study.
  • To provide the latest in cardio exercise equipment, the hospital was able to purchase two new stationary bikes for the Outpatient Rehab & Wellness Center thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor who was once a patient in our cardiac rehab program. The hospital was also able to purchase a recumbent elliptical machine for the Outpatient Rehab & Wellness Center thanks to the generosity of the students at Bankston Elementary who held a fundraiser in support of American Heart Month and an anonymous donor who was once a patient in our cardiac rehab program.

Sharing the Solution

The members of Pillars of Health serve as an important part of the overall solution. Together, they support the Greenwood Leflore Hospital Foundation in providing funds not otherwise available to Greenwood Leflore Hospital, making possible significant and exciting health and wellness improvements in our community.

In Appreciation

The tax-deductible benefit of your gift will enable you to be involved in enhancing healthcare services for individuals in our community.

  • You will receive a special gift recognizing your contribution.
  • You will be an invited guest to an annual event recognizing Pillars of Health members.
  • You will be invited to other special events and programs offered by Greenwood Leflore Hospital and the Foundation.


Pillars of Health Members

Platinum ($1,000+)
Daneca DiPaolo, M.D.
Jerry & Cindy Ferguson
Roderick C. Givens, M.D.
Mr. & Mrs. Ellett Lawrence
Drs. John & Marsha Lucas
Alex Malouf
Dr. John Payne
Gutti J. Rao, M.D. & Kumari Gutti, M.D.
Regions Bank/The Greenwood Cotton Exchange
Revenue & Audit Management
Trustmark Bank/The Greenwood Cotton Exchange
Brian Waldrop
Thomas & Loretta Weldon

Gold ($500 – $999)
Mr. & Mrs. Meredith Allen
Bank of Commerce
Beard + Riser Architects
Srinivas Bhadriraju, M.D.
Greenwood Rotary Club
Tom & Louise Gresham
James H. Hargrove
ITW Foundation
Integrated Revenue Management
Kathy Massey
Nneka Okezie-Okeh
Pillow Academy Jr. High & High School
Dr. Neeka Sanders
Dr. Paula Spence-Evans
Trustmark Bank
Sandy & Wanda Weathers
Marilyn & Randy White

Silver ($250 – $499)
Altrusa International of Greenwood, Inc.
Bankston Elementary
Mr. & Mrs. Noel Barrett
Michael T. Boler, M.D.
Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Bowden
Rev. & Mrs. Edward Bowen
Dr. W. Joseph Burnett
Jean Cadney
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Carl, Jr.
Harry H. Carter
Chris Hope Foundation
Margaret Clark
Randy & Sherry Clark
Howard R. Davis, Jr.
Pamela M. Downer
Dr. & Mrs. Henry Flautt, Jr.
Friction Holdings
Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Girnys
Dr. & Mrs. Ricky Goldberg
Greenwood Commonwealth
David & Kathy Grossman
Leann & Kenny Hines
John A. & Irene B. James
Dorothy Kimmel
Lady Martha Chapter #44-A, O.E.S.
Roshunda Lipsey
Jimmy & Mary Carol Miller
Drs. Vaishali Shah & Rohit Panchal
Pillow Academy Elementary
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Pittman
R.C. Construction Co., Inc.
Dr. & Mrs. Ed Rafique
Guy & Charlot Ray
Richard P. Redditt
Alix & Betty Sanders
Dr. & Mrs. George V. Smith
Southgroup Insurance
Mr. & Mrs. Rob Spiller
Abhash Thakur, M.D.
Dr. V. T. Towner
Upshaw, Williams, Biggers & Beckham, LLP

Bronze ($100 – $249)

Sarah P. Abide
Flo Abraham
Lee Abraham
Magdalene Abraham
Jack Ahuja
The Alluvian Hotel
Andy Daniels State Farm Insurance
Joe & Loretta Assini
William & Merlene Austin
Dr. & Mrs. Clemon Baker
Eleanor S. Baldwin
Ricky Banks
Margaret Barger
Clif & Jessica Barnes
Marc Biggers
Mr. & Mrs. Mickey L. Black
Patsy K. Blount
Dr. & Mrs. Preston Boles
Marian Boswell
Craig & Jamie Brewer
H. D. Brock
Edna Duckworth Brown
C & M Maintenance, Inc.
David Camp
Cannon Motor Company
Dr. Michael H. Carter
Roslyn & Charles Clark
Dr. & Mrs. W. Craig Clark
Terrell & Peggy Cobb
Michael Coleman, M.D.
Betty Jo Collins
Rev. & Mrs. Calvin E. Collins
Rev. Johnny L. & Thelma P. Collins
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Collins
Patricia Crick
Angela Curry
Roy Curry
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Daves
Shirley H. Davis, Ph.D.
Teddie & Hervert Days
Rev. Thomas Delaney

Bronze ($100 – $249)
Delta Electric Power Association
Dr. Alain L. Domkam
Ron & Betty DuBard
Dwight & Penny Dunn
E & H Realty
Joe & Linda Earnest
Marchalee Ellis
Dr. & Mrs. S. R. Evans, Jr.
Faith Temple Church
Gladys Flaggs
Pete Floyd
Tommy & Moxie Gary
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Givens
Bishop & Mrs. M. Glass
Matt & Emily Gnemi
Gail & Michael Goldberg
The Goldberg Families
Kirk Gray
Greenwood Gin, Inc.
Greenwood Itta Bena Alumnae Chapter Delta Sigma Theta, Inc.
Greenwood Market Place
Nena D. Griffis
Bishop Carolyn Tyler Guidry
Mr. & Mrs. W. M. Gulledge
Sammy Hackleman
Shantina Hall
Steele & Bob Hardeman
Dr. Bahati Harden
Dr. Bill Harper
Steve & Mel Harris
Jimmy Henderson
Dr. & Mrs. John Hey
David Hicks, Sr.
Dr. Roy C. Hudson
Taluna Hunt
Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church
Sunder Jagwani, M.D.
Anne L. Johnson
Marlene Johnson
Johnson-McAdams Firm, Inc.
Emelia S. Joseph
Wanda Kelly
Norman & Sara Kenwright
Carolyn Kimbrough
Alfred King
Joni L. King
Dr. & Mrs. Arthur H. Kinnard, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Hart Kittle
Kiwanis Club of Greenwood
Juanita Lacy-Larry
Frances Lavelle
Rochie Lawes
Leflore Communications, Inc.
Littleton Law Office, PLLC
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Litton
Jim & Jan Locke
Douglass F. Lyles
Deirdre Mayes
Carolyn McAdams
Charles McCain, Jr.
Frager & Barbara McCline
Elizabeth & Floyd Melton, Jr.
Floyd & Lisa Melton
Moss & Shannon Melton
Jimmy & Mary Carol Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Willie Mims
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Moore
Bob & Jeanette Morgan
Dr. & Mrs. Jeff Moses
Dr. & Mrs. Rick C. Murphree
Dr. Charles Nause, Jr.
Linda & Bruce Newell
Ronald Joseph Ola
Dr. Donna H. Oliver
Drs. Mamie & Cassie Osborne, Jr.
Herman Perkins, Jr.
Dale & Brenda Persons
Mrs. Marguerite S. Peyton
Phil’s Squire Shoppe
Robert L. Pillow
Larry D. & Song Hui Powell
Laura Powell
Pam Powers
Dr. Burton D. Price
Anna Prophet
Mrs. Katie Pryor
Charles & Beth Purifoy
Inez J. Raines
Raybestos, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rose
Mary Ross
Mr. & Mrs. Solon Scott III
Dr. Frank Schwartz
Robert L. Sims
Arthur Smith
Dr. Barbara H. Smith and Mr. Robert H. Smith, Jr.
Johnny and Georgeanne Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Springfield
Gene & Jere Stansel
Calvin & Claudine Stevens
John & Mary Neff Stewart
Mr. & Mrs. Elmus Stockstill
Mike & Jan Sturdivant
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Dexter Walcott
Bobbie J. Walton
Barbara J. P. Washington
Andrew & Alma Weddington
Dr. Adam Weems
Irvin L. Whittaker
Mr. & Mrs. Aven Whittington
Dr. David H. Wicks
Dr. Cynthia Willingham
Juruthin S. Woullard
Charles & Glo Wright
Zeta Amicae Auxiliary of Itta Bena
Anonymous (3)