GLH’s employee giving club

K.I.N.G., an acronym for Kind Investing Nurtures Growth, recognizes GLH employees for their commitment to our mission through their gifts or campaign pledges. This group of very special employees is dedicated to enhancing the healthcare services and technology that we provide. Donations over the years have helped GLH purchase a state-of-the-art security system to keep young patients safe in labor and delivery, newborn nursery and the pediatric wing, and make updates to the chapel, pediatric wing and waiting areas throughout the hospital and on the hospital grounds.


The K.I.N.G. Club

The Foundation consists of various giving clubs, one of which is the K.I.N.G. Club. K.I.N.G., an acronym for Kind Investing Nurtures Growth, is the name of our employee giving club. This group of very special employees of the Greenwood Leflore Hospital family is dedicated to enhancing the healthcare services and technology that we provide. The K.I.N.G. Club allows hospital employees to make contributions to the Foundation that will fund projects to benefit countless numbers of people in our community.

What other ways will the foundation raise funds?

The K.I.N.G. Club is part of a larger partnership with the Foundation. The Foundation is a group of community volunteers with four major fundraising divisions: Annual Gifts, Planned Gifts, Business and Corporate Gifts and Special/Signature Gifts. Each committee is chaired by a volunteer leader and dozens of community members are supporting this effort to enhance healthcare in our community.

Mission Statement

The success of K.I.N.G. depends on the support of employees like you. It is a way to help others and support the services of our hospital, fellow employees and the community. As employees we are proud of our hospital and where we work. We are willing to show our pride by contributing to improving our facilities for the community, colleagues and future generations to come.

How will my donation be recognized?

K.I.N.G. members receive special recognition for their contributions. All members will be recognized in Payday Pulse and Foundation News, as well as in the hospital’s recognition area near the cafeteria. Members who donate $25 or more per year will be invited to attend the annual K.I.N.G. recognition event. Those who donate $100 or more per year will also be recognized throughout the year with tokens of appreciation and will be invited to the annual Pillars of Health reception hosted by the Annual Gifts Committee.

What types of projects has K.I.N.G. funded?

Since fundraising began in 2006, K.I.N.G. Club members have supported the following projects:

  • The hospital’s chapel was relocated and updated to provide a more private place for patients, their families, visitors and employees to practice their religion, spirituality or to meditate.
  • The pediatric wing was transformed into a pleasant and entertaining environment by adding fun characters and bright colors, as well as providing dvd/vcr players in all patient rooms.
  • To keep young patients safe, a state-of-the-art security system in the pediatric wing, labor and delivery and newborn nursery was installed.
  • Old wooden furniture on the hospital grounds was replaced with sturdy steel furniture that will last a long time, is easy to clean, and looks really great. For patients, visitors, and employees who like to ride their bikes to the hospital, three bike racks were added to the hospital campus. One is located at the front entrance of the Outpatient Rehab and Wellness Center, one at the hospital’s front entrance, and one at the employee entrance at the back of the hospital.
  • The breezeway between the Wound Care Unit and the Cancer Center at Greenwood Leflore Hospital was transformed into a serene sitting area with artwork and an assortment of plants that can be enjoyed by all who pass through.
  • Updates were made to many of the waiting areas throughout the hospital and in some clinics in the hospital network, including the Emergency Department, ICCU, Admissions, Pharmacy, Wound Care, Radiology, MRI, Women’s Diagnostics, Outpatient Surgery, Surgical Services, Endo, 4 West, Cardiopulmonary, Outpatient Rehab and Wellness Center, Patient Representative, Greenwood Orthopedic Clinic, Greenwood Gastroenterology Clinic, Delta Surgical Clinic, and Greenwood Leflore Foot Center.
  • Improvements were made to many patient care areas throughout the hospital, including the triage rooms and registration area in the Emergency Department, Pharmacy, Cysto dressing room, consult rooms in Surgical Services and Endo, Cardiopulmonary, Sleep Disorders Center, Women’s Diagnostics, New Beginnings Geriatric Care Unit, Subacute, Leflore Rehab, and Outpatient Rehab and Wellness Center.
  • Conference rooms 1A-C at the front of the hospital were updated to provide professional meeting spaces to be used for education and other events.

Greenwood Leflore Hospital is grateful to the K.I.N.G. Club members who, through their generosity, made these projects possible.

Donations for K.I.N.G. cannot be made online. Contact the Foundation office at 662-451-7548 to make a donation to the K.I.N.G. Club.

K.I.N.G. Members

*Designates membership in Pillars of Health

Katlynne Adams*
Laurther Adams*
Randy Adams*
Clement Agha
Brian Anderson*
Barbara Archer*
Terri Ashworth*
Danielle Bacon*
Frances Bailey*
Lauren Bailey*
Regina Bailey*
Rena A. Baker*
Laquita Banks*
Vicky Barbee*
Sandra Barry*
Carol Baskin*
Tijuanda Beckworth*
Krystal Bell*
Stella Washington Bell*
Keither Bentley*
Lakisha Berry*
Patience Bigbee*
Sonny Blake*
Elizabeth Blake-Poindexter*
Lydia Blakely*
LeeAnn Bloodworth*
Consuela Blossom*
LaShanda Body*
Dorothy Boles*
Evita B. Bonner*
Donnie Boston**
Jessica A. Bowman*
Gloria Boyd*
Michelle Bramlett
Brittany Bratton*
Erica Brewer*
Katie Brewer*
Leeijanae Brewer
Anne Howard Bright*
Key Britt*
Amber Brock
Tashunda Brookins*
Michele Brooks*
Amy Brower*
Cassandra Brown*
Ethel Brown*
LaShawnia Brown*
Tanya S. Brown*
Kassidi Browning*
Lynn Bryant*
Alice M. Buchanan*
Jessie Buchanan*
Deonta Buck*
LaKendrea Bush*
Tojuana Butler*
Kristy Campbell*
Jaime Carpenter*
Justin-Charles James Carpenter*
Michael Castle*
Sharon Chambers*
Joanna Chamblee*
Latasha Chandler-Stokes*
Gemaurian Clark*
Sharrion Clark*
Aimie Coleman*
Katherine Collett*
Calvin Collins*
Marcella Collins*
Toya Collins*
John Cook*
Darlene Cooper*
Lillie Cooper*
Stacy Corley*
Robyn Crain*
Fredrick D. Crayton*
Deforest Cross*
Monica Crowder*
Megan Cunningham*
Felicia Curry*
Missy B. Curry*
Mitzi Dallas
Annette Darby*
George Davenport*
Rebecca Davenport*
Lenoria Davidson
Angela Davis*
Carolyn Davis*
Dakarria Davis*
Jasminn Davis*
Marla Davis*
Sherita Davis*
Mary Davis-Knighten*
Crystal Dean*
Dena Deaton*
Anthony Delahoussaye*
Lea Denton*
Willie Dickson, Jr.*
Carrie Dillon*
Latarish Dixon*
Jacarra Dotson*
Talisha Doyle*
Sandra J. Dulaney*
Michele Elder*
Tanya N. Elliott*
Lori Ellis*
Nakia Ellis*
Wendy Ellis*
Candace Epps*
Latonya Erving*
Wanda Ervy*
Kate Evans*
Lora R. Evans*
Melissa Evans*
Patricia Everett*
Iris Ezell*
Doris Farrow*
Cleo Ferguson*
Annette W. Fields*
Sandy Fink*
Sandra Fisher*
Thomas Fisher
Gladys Flaggs*
Kerrin Flowers*
Frederick Fluker*
Anna Foley-Permenter*
Ebonye Forrest*
Jammie L. Fox*
Mary Fox*
Bettie Freeman*
Vearlean Fry*
Beth Fulgham*
Wilson Gaillard*
Melinda Gantt*
Sharonda Garner*
Amber Garrard*
Jariah Gary*
Kerringtyn Gary*
Hester Gates*
Abriel Gatewood
David Gee*
Marilyn Gelman*
Desiree Gentry*
Jeffery Gilland*
Regina Givens*
Lawanda Glass*
Tammy Glazier*
Marvin Glenn
Hope Golliday*
Lauren Goss*
Meredith Goss*
Angela C. Grantham*
Angela Grayer*
Annie M. Green*
Charlene Green*
Mary Gregg*
Marilyn Grice*
Patricia Griffin*
Sarah Griffin*
Kerri R. Grossman*
Pamela Gulledge
Barbara Hall*
Corsheckia Hancock*
Alice Seto Harper
Brooks Harrell*
Allison Harris*
Ashley Harris*
Danielle Harris*
Khyla Harris*
Chamille Harvey*
Linda W. Hawkins*
Tracy L. Hawkins*
Bobbie Head*
Christine Hemphill*
Dalphne Hemphill*
Lynda Henning*
Kathy Henson*
Debra T. Hibbler*
Michael Carl Hickmon, Jr.*
Regina Hicks*
Sondra Hicks*
Deloris Hill*
Queen E. Hill*
Stephanie Hill*
Temeka Hill*
Tiffany Hilton*
Clarence Hodges*
Stephanie Hodnett
Nikita Hogan*
Stacy L. Holeman
Tina Holeman*
Brandee Holly
Dawne Holmes*
Margaret Holmes*
Carla D. Holtzlander*
Patricia Hood*
Stacy Hood*
Latoya House*
Kellie B. Howard*
Merita Howell*
Margaret Howerton*
Frances Hudson
Rena Huey
Chanta L. Hughes*
Monita Humphrey*
Addie B. Hurst
Alvonia Hurt*
Adrianne Jackson
Mary C. Jackson*
Shaqira Jackson*
Rosemarie Jaggai*
Domonique L. Johnson*
Joyce A. Johnson*
Lorrie J. Johnson*
Ophelia Johnson*
Rose Johnson*
Alma Jones*
Ashley Jones*
Calliyah L. Jones*
Deborah Jones*
Kelli Jones*
Lisa Jones*
Mary W. Jones*
Shadelia Jones*
Tami Jones*
Sybil Jordan*
Virajita Karunakaram*
Dusti Kelly*
Tara Kelly*
Patricia Kilburn*
Mary Kimble*
Libby King*
Mark E. King*
Samantha King*
Jacklena Lang*
Sonja Lemock
Annie Lewis*
Veronica Lewis*
Latoya Little*
Kimberly Lloyd*
Lathesia Lockridge*
Susan Long*
Sharonda Love*
Dianne Glass Lowe*
Sybil Lucic*
Natalie Mainelli*
Anna Makamson
Annie Mason*
Sabrina Matthews*
April May*
Pam McCaleb*
Shandra McClellan*
Benita McCline
Olivia McClung*
Suzy McCrimmon*
Cedric McDonald
Marshell W. McDowell*
Kimberly McGee*
Yazekia McGee
Mary McKay*
Daphne McKinney*
Debra McKinney*
Courtney Burgess McNeer*
Jeff McNeer*
Kimberly Meeks-Swims*
Margaret L. Miles*
Debbie Miller*
Meghan Miller*
Toni Miller
Brittany Minniefield*
Dennis Mitchell*
Sheila J. Mitchell*
Valerie Mitchell*
Cary Lynn Mohamed*
April Montesi*
Katy Lee Montgomery*
Natalie M. Montgomery*
LaJonna Morgan*
Kristen Moody*
Meredith R. Moore*
Trina D. Moore*
Meghan Morgan*
Dianne J. Morris*
Christie Moyer*
Tracey Mullins*
Charles Murry*
Jennifer Myers*
Gwen Neal*
Edna Nelson*
Shakina Nelson*
Melanie Newman*
Robert Nicholas*
Natalie Nichols*
Royce Nix*
Marvin Pate*
Leslie Pearson*
Dawn Peery*
Lorine Peoples*
Nichole M. Poe*
Sharren Ward Powell*
Sherkita Powell*
Brittney Price*
Torquesia Price*
Charlotte S. Purnell*
Mildred Ramsey
Karen Ratliff*
Ashley N. Ray*
Janette L. Rayburn*
Holly Rayeski*
Felecia Redd*
Ruby Redmond*
Briana Reed*
Eddie Reed
Brigitte C. Rhodes*
Carre Roberson*
Molly Roberson*
Yamika Roberson*
Barbie Robinson*
Deborah Robinson*
Jan Robinson*
Loreathy Robinson*
Ruthie Robinson*
Steven L. Robinson*
Addie Rozell*
Shirline Rucker*
Tina Sanders*
Kelsey Scott*
Charlette Nichole Seals*
Kelsey Scott*
Lela Sewell*
Kim Shackleford*
Jasmine S. Shavers*
Charlotte Shaw*
Megan Shaw*
Jessica Shelton*
Melanie Shelton*
Diamond Sheppard*
Jennifer Slaughter*
Ora Smart*
Claire Smith*
Desmond L. Smith*
Brittany Starnes*
Ariska Stasher*
Latarsha Steele*
Willie Steele*
Lauren Stevens*
Christi Stewart*
Janna Stiles*
Debbie Stokes*
Barbara Strong*
Erma Strong*
Mauri Suggs
Linda Sutton*
Lisa Sykes*
Tomeka Sykes*
Yvonne Tanner*
Nekita D. Taylor*
Glenda Thomas*
Mary Thomas*
Mary Thomas-Hall*
Diana J. Thompson*
Janet Thompson
Sheila Thompson*
LaKedria Tidwell*
Angela Tindall*
Daphne Tonos*
Adrianna Totten*
Patsy Turner*
Haley Tyler*
Paula Tyler*
Karen Upchurch*
Tashiba Vassar*
Debbie Walker*
Elizabeth Walker*
John H. Walker III*
Shericka Walker*
Tyriana Walker*
Kizzy Ward*
Shayla Watson
Dena Weathers-Nalls*
Doris Weeks*
Missy A. Weeks*
Angela Wells*
Lynn M. Wessman*
Ann Whitfield*
Stacy Whitfield*
Brenda Whittington*
Adriane Williams*
Denise Williams
Desandra L. Williams*
Kashia Williams*
Mary Williams*
Shanita Williams*
Angela Wilson*
Antoinette Wilson
Ashley Wilson*
Ashton Wilson*
Star Wilson-Hayes*
Tabatha Wilson-Randle*
Denetra Winston-Spells*
Vera Winters*
Barbara Wisecarver*
Tara Woodard*
Deborah C. Wren*
Lindsay Wynne*
Anna Yates*
Cheryl Young*
Martha Young*
Brian Zangri*