Survive 2 Thrive

Patient Navigation Program: A partnership between Greenwood Leflore Hospital and the Mississippi Public Health Institute, with funding provided by the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation

We understand how a diagnosis of cancer can be overwhelming. There are many new and confusing issues to be dealt with, and we want to be there to help navigate through all of them.

Survive 2 Thrive! is a free program offered to all lung cancer patients and lung cancer survivors. The goal is to help them and their family members understand more about the resources available:

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment options
  • Survivorship
  • Support
  • Education

Call us today for more information:

Lindsey Rawls, RN
Brandi Campbell, Case Manager
1401 River Road • Greenwood, MS

Your patient navigator will:

  • provide education regarding diagnosis and treatment
  • provide smoking cessation information
  • help with potential barriers to care such as transportation to and from treatment and appointments, and financial issues
  • offer emotional support
  • remind you of future appointments and testing as well as scheduling of appointments
  • answer questions dealing with all aspects of the illness and treatment
  • help with filling out paperwork
  • provide links to community resources

Free lung cancer screening is available to those who meet certain qualifications, so please ask us about this for yourself or other family members.

A patient’s prognosis is largely dependent on the type and stage of the disease. As with many other cancers, early detection can help improve survival rates.