Acadian Monitoring

Sometimes the challenges of life take you away from those that you care about, even when they might need your attention and oversight with daily activities and medications. As part of our commitment to enhancing quality of life, both within the hospital and in the community, Greenwood Leflore Hospital can help you partner with Acadian Monitoring Services to provide peace of mind for you and an extra measure of independence for your family or neighbors. Their Medic Alert system can be tailored to the mobility range of each patient, whether they are primarily homebound or still traveling around town or around the country. 24-hour-operators are ready to provide assistance and notify you or another contact whenever a problem arises.

Similarly, worries about medication schedules can be reduced with Automated Medication Dispensers, providing patients with accurate and timely reminders that dosages are due. You can monitor the dosages through a secure internet website linked to the Dispenser and know that your loved one is receiving the appropriate dose at the appropriate time.

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