Groundbreaking Treatment for Early-stage Breast Cancer Offered

Breast Microseed Treatment® offers women one-time, one-hour outpatient radiation therapy

Greenwood, MS – (November 13, 2017) – The Cancer Center at Greenwood Leflore Hospital announced that the Radiation Oncology department is the only site in Mississippi and one of only five sites in the U.S. to offer the latest in radiation therapy for early stage breast cancer: Breast Microseed Treatment®.

Groundbreaking Treatment for Early-stage Breast Cancer Now Offered at Greenwood Leflore Hospital from Greenwood Leflore Hospital on Vimeo.

Breast Microseed Treatment® is a new radiation therapy option that helps prevent the recurrence of cancer by treating the surgical site and surrounding tissue after the cancerous tumor is removed. The new treatment is similar to seed radiation therapy that’s been successful in treating prostate cancer for over 30 years. For this treatment, radiation oncologists place tiny titanium seeds filled with radioactive palladium (Pd-103) in the breast around the “at-risk” area. The seeds deliver a low dose of radiation over 60 – 90 days. After treatment, the seed casings are harmless and can remain in the breast.

“With the introduction of the breast seed implantation procedure, this represents a major advance in technology,” said Roderick C. Givens, MD, radiation oncologist and medical director of The Cancer Center at Greenwood Leflore Hospital. “The use of breast seeds offers a significant reduction in the time commitment required as compared to conventional external beam radiation. Instead of requiring up to six and a half weeks of daily outpatient radiation visits”, Breast Microseed Treatment is completed in a single outpatient procedure that lasts about an hour.”

While Greenwood Leflore Hospital is the fourth site in the U.S. to offer the treatment option, it’s been used in Canada and Europe since 2004. Breast Microseed Treatment® uses an FDA-cleared device proven safe and effective over 13 years of academic rigor and clinical testing. Through independent, peer-reviewed evaluation, the clinical outcomes from Breast Microseed Treatment® have proven to be equivalent to other forms of radiation therapy.

“It’s important to note that Breast Microseed Treatment® isn’t for everyone,” said Douglas Bowden, DO, FACOS, breast surgeon with Greenwood Leflore Hospital. “Patients must be age 50 or older, and have an early-stage cancer to be an appropriate candidate. I’m very excited that we can offer eligible women this new option for adjuvant breast cancer treatment following breast conserving surgery or lumpectomy.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Douglas Bowden, DO, FACOS at 662-453-4641 or Roderick C. Givens, M.D. at 662-459-7133.