Greenwood Leflore Hospital: 4-west chosen to be a Dedicated Education Unit

Posted by Marketing and Communications

The Greenwood Leflore Hospital 4 – West unit was chosen to participate in the Office of Nursing Work Force program as a Dedicated Education Unit (DEU). The Hospital will partner with its affiliate school of nursing, Mississippi Delta Community College, to facilitate student learning.

The University of Portland Oregon adapted this model concept from Australia in 2003. The Dedicated Education Unit is an innovative clinical education model that aims to improve the quality and teaching capacity of nurse education programs, (University of Portland School of Nursing, 2011). The goal of this model is to develop high quality practice units across the continuum of nursing utilizing expert nurses to provide clinical instructions for the student nurse.

The DEU model is a great recruitment and retention strategy in hopes of gathering nurses that will be able to function in a clinical setting utilizing the skills attained as a DEU nurse. There are several nurses who will function as Clinical Facilitators. The Clinical Facilitator acts as a mentor and guide to inspire the student to facilitate learning and work collaboratively with the student’s instructor to build an ideal environment of learning.