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The Starlight Children’s Foundation has notified hospitals nationwide to dispose of projector flashlights that were included in their Disney Care Packages.  The projector flashlight displays a projector image when the button is pressed.  The specific issue is the button batteries in the flashlight may be accessible, posing a serious hazard to children.  Greenwood Leflore Hospital received flashlights that project images of Mickey and Captain America in the Disney Care Packages that you see pictured here, and we have removed the flashlights from all remaining Disney Care Packages.  If your child received from us a Disney Care Package which contained the flashlight, please stop using and dispose of the flashlight immediately.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and are grateful to the Starlight Children’s Foundation for notifying us quickly regarding this recall and for the generosity they have shown for years to the youngest patients in our care.

Click here for the recall letter for the Halo Children’s Projector Flashlight

For information on other recalled products, please visit www.recalls.gov