Doctors encouraged by meeting with board

Roderick Givens, MD, Radiation Oncologist, Physician Liaison to the Board; Raymond Girnys, MD, General Surgeon, Chief of Staff; John Lucas III, MD, General Surgeon, Physician Staff

Editor, Commonwealth:

On Thursday, June 27, at the request of the Greenwood Leflore Hospital Board of Commissioners, the hospital’s medical staff and Interim CEO Subho Basu met with the board to allow  us to voice our concerns about the hospital and to provide suggestions for operational improvements.

The atmosphere at this meeting was non-contentious and highly productive. It was extremely refreshing to have the opportunity for such an interaction and we can speak on behalf of our colleagues in stating that this meeting was much needed and much appreciated.  We felt that our input and recommendations were well received and also appreciated by the board.  In the opinion of many in attendance, this meeting provided a much improved forum for interaction between the medical staff and the board.  

We have  full confidence that the board will perform the duties of a board of directors – choose the CEO, lay out a vision for the future of the hospital and allow the CEO to carry out that vision with the support of the medical staff. As a physician staff, we stand behind our board and eagerly look forward to working with its members to not only help the hospital survive but to make it more successful than ever.

Despite the continued challenges of providing quality health care in the Delta, we, the medical staff of Greenwood Leflore Hospital, are confident that this board will help lead us to a brighter future that will benefit the residents of Greenwood, Leflore County and the surrounding area.